What do Virtual Assistants DO?

Theoretically, a VA can do anything any other support staff does, except bring the coffee.

However, virtual support duties are not limited to clerical work.

A basic list of our Back end services for outsourcing include:

1. Calendar Management

2. Email Engagement

3. Social Media Management

4. Appointment Setting

5. Marketing

6. Research

7. Writing

8. Graphic Design

9. Website Management

10. Bookkeeping/ Accounting

11. Project Management

12. Customer Service/ Telemarketing

Why hire a virtual Assistant? Getting virtual help is crucial on some business owners to maximize income and facilitate growth. Hiring a virtual assistant frees up your time so you can focus on the work that will make money, plus, it is less expensive.

Tips on hiring a Virtual assistant:

1. List the tasks you want to outsource.

2. Determine who to hire and where you can find someone specific for your need.

As an outsourcing company, we do not only look for partners who needs the VA. We make sure we hire someone who specializes on the task needed. Someone who can complete the task without compromising the quality of work.

Client relationship is very important to us, we support the needs of both partner client as well as the VA candidate. We make sure that all necessary training and communications are met as foundation once the VA start the campaign/project.

Solutions 101

work hand-in-hand with the VA and partnered client to maintain a structured process in terms with the work in line. We utilize our resources in order to provide productivity, quality and efficiency in terms of demand. It is very important to know the nature of each business and its requirements.

Outsourcing for your business needs will ease the headache from payroll, recruitment and management. Companies can now focus on it's mission of expanding, while a VA takes over all the responsibility within the assigned work.

With almost 60% of today's regular staffing rate, companies, entrepreneurs and business owners can now maximize profitability for a relatively small investment.

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