How OUTSOURCING can help MINIMIZE your staffing cost.

Benefits of Outsourcing:

1. Reducing and controlling operating costs

2. Simplicity.

3. Low Administration Costs.

4. Low Capital Requirements.

5. Streamlining or increasing efficiency for time-consuming functions

6. Flexibility.

Through outsourcing, you can entrust the processes of your business functions to Solutions 101 as your external partners. With this, your company can focus on your brand and core activity development, while back office operation is also expanding without compromising service or quality.

What we offer:

1. Calendar Management

2. Email Engagement

3. Social Media Management

4. Appointment Setting

5. Strategic Marketing

6. Research

7. Writing

8. Graphic Design

9. Website Management/ SEO Management

10. Bookkeeping/ Accounting

11. Data Entry

12. Lead Generation

13. Project Management

14. Customer Service/ Telemarketing

As an outsourcing company, we make sure we provide our highly trained consultants who specializes on the task needed. Someone who can complete the task without compromising the quality of work.

We utilize our resources in order to provide productivity, quality and efficiency in terms of demand. It is very important to know the nature of each business and its requirements.

Outsourcing for your business needs will ease the headache from payroll, recruitment and management. You can now focus on it's mission of growth, while Solutions 101 takes over all the responsibility within the assigned work provided with regular communications and report.

Outsourcing your administrative and back end works helps in filling the gap in some of the important portions of business processes and availability of cheaper service and not compromising on output quality.

With almost 60% of today's regular staffing rate, companies, entrepreneurs and business owners can now maximize profitability for a relatively small investment.

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