Etiquette 101 on Video Call Interview

As hiring becomes global and some employers are International, video interview became a common place for most aspiring applicants.

Here are some tips on etiquette and especially how to ACE an interview:

1. Practice beforehand- A video interview carries as much weight as an interview conducted in-person, so you will want to make sure that you're well prepared to interview remotely.

2. Advance Planning-

For an interview in the company office-Arrive early so you have time to get situated. Ask for assistance if you're not sure how to use the equipment. Actually, even if you think you can figure it out, it's good to ask for a quick overview.

For a video interview at home-If you'll be using your own equipment, do a trial run a day or two before the interview. Set up your equipment in advance to check the video and audio quality.

3. Appearance- Aside from being cautious of what you will wear during the interview, you must also be aware of your background and lightning. It is best and always recommended to have a white background or office-like setting. Pay attention to your lighting, you do not want to have the light source behind you.

4. Make eye contact- remember, that means looking at the camera and not the picture-in-picture image of yourself. Your camera should be at eye level (not above or below). A poorly placed camera can result in unflattering double chins or weird shadows.

5. Posture- Use the same good posture you would use during an in-person interview. Avoid making a lot of hand gestures — even with a great Internet connection, there can be lag time, and hand gestures can stutter on the screen.

6. Answer the questions asked- Always be on point and precise. Recruiters and hiring managers want to know you can do the job required, so they ask specific questions. be sure to speak clearly and calmly, do not show any fear or aggression as this will compromise your chances at getting the job.

7. Research Information about the Company- Before the video conference interview, be sure to do some research about the company. The company will usually give you a link to its website. This is important because during the interview progresses, interviewers will expect you to understand what their company does.

8. Punctuality- It is of great importance to be on time, so be seated in front of your webcam 15 minutes before the interview is scheduled, this will give you some time to go over any details that might trip you up. This will also keep you from fumbling around too much when the video conferencing interview starts, another good reason to be early is to ensure that everything is set up correctly.

9. No Interruptions- Make sure that your cellular phone is off or on silent and do not sit on any social media sites while in the video conferencing interview. Because it will show the interviewer that your priorities lie elsewhere and you are not interested in the job at all.The same thing applies to taking phone calls. If the phone is on silent, let the call go to voicemail, you can always phone back later, and remember: Video call is never different with the actual office interview.

10. Listen- Listening is a key strategy in going for an interview. If the interviewer asks

you a question, just listen to it carefully. Do not halfheartedly take it in. Take your time with the question and make sure that you have a suitable answer. If you did your research on the company, you can show in your answers.

11. Never Have A Bad Attitude- Never have a bad attitude towards your interviewer or past jobs that you did. No company wants to hear you bad mouthing about previous employers, because that would show that you might do the same thing to them. They have a reputation and don't want you to make them look bad.If your interviewer looks stern and does not try and emulate that, just keep on smiling. Emulating a stern interviewer shows bad conduct and that is not what any company wants. Thus, refrain from taking a bad attitude at all.

12. Closing- At the end of the interview, let the interviewer know how suitable you are for the job and that you will fit in well at the company. If the question about financial particulars hasn't come up, do not mention it. The interviewer will get to that in time. If not in this interview it will perhaps be in a follow-up interview or when the company offers you the job. Be polite when the interviewer ends the interview, and thank him for his time.

An interview is about showcasing your very best professional side, so follow these job interview tips and make sure your video interview does that for you and you will be one step closer to getting hired!

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