How does AU Student Visa Works?

SWM a term derived from the Study-Work-Migrate Program offered by Solutions 101 from the previous year. With the Australian Immigration recent changes with visa application in the recent months, Partnered Immigration Lawyers, Agents and Australian Education Institutions open up a great opportunity for students who would like to apply for a Student Visa and study abroad!

Choose your right career path with us! The Australian Education system is considered one of the best in the world, with many different options for students.

If you are a college student, or a recent graduate of the k12 program, well.. you are off to a great start!

Statistics shows that there were 167,873 total student visas granted in the six month period to 31 December 2017 – an increase of 7.0 per cent compared with the same period in the previous year. Most education sectors experienced an increase in visa grants.

You, or your loved ones can be one of them for 2018!

Available visa for you:

  1. Visa for primary or secondary school courses- subclass 571: A Visa for facilitating attendance by students at primary, junior as well as secondary education course in addition to permitting participation in school exchange programs at secondary level.

  2. Visa for higher education – subclass 573: This visa is required by students wishing to partake in course that offer qualifications such as a bachelor degree, associate degree, graduate certificate, a masters degree or graduate diploma

  3. Visa for postgraduate research – subclass 574: Masters Student which to undertake a research degree at an Australian University need this Visa.

  4. Visa for non-award students: Non-awarded foundation courses, or full time courses, which do not lead an award in Australian but may be eligible to apply for another student visa.

  5. AusAID and defence visa: A very specific degree available only to students who have received AUAID sponsorship or sponsorship from the defense department of Australia.

Family Member

Not only can you apply for an Australian Education with a whole lot of option, but Students can apply to have partners and dependent children under the age of eighteen to accompany them to Australia. These family members are known as secondary visa holders and are counted in student visa numbers. A parent or guardian seeking to accompany an international student to Australia may be eligible for a Student Guardian visa. Isn't that GREAT?

Work while YOU Study

Upon acceptance, You would also be granted the ability to work. Student visas include a visa condition that, once the course has commenced, it allows students 20 hours of work a week while their course is in session and for unlimited hours during course breaks. The limitation imposed by this visa condition reflects the purpose of a student visa; that it is to allow entry to Australia in order to study, not to work.

#Earn while you Learn

Secondary visa holders are subject to a visa condition that limits them to 20 hours of work a week at any time. Higher degree by research students on a Postgraduate Research (subclass 574) visa may work unlimited hours once their Masters or PhD course has commenced. Dependents of students studying a Masters or PhD research course have no limitation on their work hours.

Internship after Studying

Once you finish your studies you will be eligible for a paid internship and be directly absorbed by the employer. Solutions 101 will help you with your process and assist you to your future career!

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