Hassle Free Payment Scheme

If you are one of those candidates who are keen to pursue their career abroad, you will also know that it's not just the documents and seminars that matters. It's also the financial capabilities that dictates whether you'll push through the entire process or call "halt!".

Many Filipinos are talented and wants to have the advantage of career advancement through gaining work experience internationally. But being in a 3rd world country, we commonly know that majority of our people are financially incapable of securing a large sum of money.

Today, Solutions 101 was able to incorporate a new payment scheme to help our striving candidates achieve their goals internationally. Our services such as, International internship, Study-work-migrate Program and Labour Hire are now accessible to all. The Fly now, pay later scheme will help candidates secure their slot with minimal requirements.

How it works:

Moreover, this payment scheme has it's limitations. Full details will be discussed by Solutions 101 Partner and Consultants.

Who are Eligible:

To those inclined to go the academic route, our STUDY-WORK-MIGRATE Program opens up a ton of opportunities to finding a job in Australia via the Australia Visa stream. You will be able to access to the job ready program to help foreign students like you find employment in Australia.

Graduates or students who are seeking Traineeship and Internship abroad is also eligible to apply under the 12 -18 months J1 Visa for USA. Indonesia is also open for candidates from the Philippines.

Labour Hire or the Skilled candidates under the Skill shortage list of Australia is now open for the payment scheme. As long as you will be able to provide necessary documents to justify your work experience, we know that Solutions 101 can help out with your process.

Our doors are open to all interested applicants. Our goal is to help and extend our hand to people who are willing and striving to make a difference.

If you are interested to know more about our payment scheme, please email us at: (Labour Hire) (SWM Program & Internships)

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